Customer Testimonial by Louise S.


2/15/2011 – Louise S.

“There are a lot of gyms in La Jolla, and then there is La Jolla’s Finest. For someone who wants to get a good workout with great results  it is the most thoughtful and knowledgeable training center in the “Jewel.”

I know first hand as I have trained  there thru good times ( 60 mile hikes and bad (rehabbing total knee replacement surgery)The trainers are friendly, incredibly knowledgeable, talented ,caring, great coaches  and funny.  It’s an intimate setting and I always come home feeling like a new person after working out with Jeremy or one of the other  trainers.

Whether you are 16  or 76  If you are serious about fitness and personal training and want a place for long term results and a long term relationship then La Jolla’s Finest is the training gym for you.

Dr. Louise A. Stanger”
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