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You want to be stronger, faster and more balanced? Focus on your core!! I’m not saying do a bunch of crunches. Most people don’t do crunches properly anyway! I’m talking about increasing your awareness and control of the muscles that stabilize the ribcage to the pelvis.

Your center of gravity is located midway through your body just below your belly button. By anchoring your movements to this point you free up more action potential. When your spine is secure your limbs will move more freely. This creates better balance, more speed and greater power.

To create this powerful movement base you must first become familiar with an exercise called the Kegel. Named after Dr. Arnold Kegel M.D., who first described the exercise in the 1940′s. Most women have heard of this maneuver from their OBGYN.


A Kegel is a contraction of the pelvis floor muscles. To activate these muscles draw up like you are stopping the flow of urine or resisting going to the bathroom. I know that is very personal, but that is the most effective way to explain it.

When you perform the Kegel contraction your body co-contracts the stabilizing muscles of the lumbar spine (multifidus). To create a rock solid mid section, first Kegel, then draw up and in on your navel and finally contract your obliques to draw your pelvis and ribcage together. Almost as if you have vacuumed out all empty space in your abdomen. You should feel tightly packed and braced for impact. This engaged state is the key to strength. Your abilities and limitations will be determined by your ability to engage and maintain your core engagement during activities.

Incorporate this maneuver into all your sports, exercises and daily activities. As your core awareness increases you will be empowered with a new sense of strength, balance and confidence with your body. Your risks of injury will decline and rehabilitation of previous injuries will progress. You will even get better body transformation results. You will build muscle more effectively do to better form, more concentrated contractions and higher endurance. Increasing your lean muscle mass will increase the number of calories you burn throughout the day. This means a leaner, more defined you!!

Being more mindful of your center is a very powerful concept and because it’s the base to all movement it really simplifies what to concentrate on during your exercises. Practice it enough and it becomes natural. Be aware, be strong!!


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